2PC Plush Fox Ears Hoodie Jacket & Legging Tights Pants Set

2PC Plush Fox Ears Hoodie Jacket & Legging Tights Pants Set

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Remember: To preserve the longevity of your boutique style purchase, Hand Washing is Always Optimal. Can be washed in Cold Water. Iron inside Out.


2PC Plush Fox Ears Hoodie Jacket & Legging Tights Pants Set is so stunningly adorable, boasting a gorgeous soft peach and white fleece jacket and spandex straught leg tights! These sets are such a great quality and are set at a very low price that they'll be gone before you know it! Made with a mix of cotton & spandex. This material combo ensures this garment has a stretch type fit that will expand & grow as she does!

Included in this Set

Stretchy Long Sleeve Top
Stretchy Sequin Pant w/Elastic Waistband

Fit: True to Size with a bit more room to grow.

Size Chart

XS - 12M-18M - fits ages approx 1-2 years
S - 2T - fits ages approx 2-3 years
M - 3T - fits ages approx 3-4 years
L - 4T - fits ages approx 4-5 years
XL - 5 Girls - fits ages approx 5-6 years
XXL - 6 Girls - fits ages approx 6-7 years
3XL - 7 Girls - fits ages approx 7-8 years
4XL - 8 Girls - fits ages approx 8-9 years

**We encourage you to take measurements to ensure a proper fit**

If unsure about sizing, just go with our Motto, "Better to Grow in than Out"

Care: Iron inside Out.

**Please EXERCISE CAUTION when ordering pieces with embellishments for younger wee ones under the age of 5 years of age. We want safe & happy kiddos Mom and embellished items may pose a choking hazard for a smaller babe. Please monitor younger kiddos closely.**

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