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We receive so many submissions regarding our boutique modeling program and we LOVE viewing ALL of your submissions.  Unfortunately, we can not simply accept everyone.  But keep 'em coming folks!  We adore seeing fresh faces in fresh places.  Just remember...keep those photos free of background clutter (ie trash cans, people walking in the background, telephone poles and wires, etc) and you may just hear from us.

So here's a bit about our expectations, the submission process, and a few tips and tricks we've learned along the way...

Models will represent the DPK brand and its affiliated designers & labels in our Shopping Pamphlets, Retailer Boutique media & stores, & Other DPK affiliated Print, DPK Youtube channel, ad campaigns & all related marketing & sales but most importantly model our clothing and accessories at for ALL to see and Admire and grab some of the MOST adorable outfits for Free in the process!  BONUS!

If you live within the DFW area only, please contact us!

We are only looking for ages Newborn to 4/5 Girls at this time (sizes NB-4T).
  However, please feel free to enter any age group...boys & girls, as we may just spot a Fresh Face that lands us back on our heels! (Multiples/Siblings are ALWAYS a great SURPRISE!)

**IMMEDIATE OPENING for babies wearing a size 3M to 12-18 months**

If accepted, you will be notified of your acceptance shortly after your submission. 


* Send 2-3 CURRENT photos of your little model to [email protected]. Please submit photos as an ATTACHMENT to the email so we are able to upload them to our DPK internal database for viewing.

* You MUST include name, age & size within your email.

* Also in your email, please tell us about your wee one and yourself.  We LOVE to KNOW our Wee One Team and the Moms/Guardians that pull everything together. Also give us your turnaround time on returning photos.

* Photos must be CLEAN, crisp, and in focus.  Cell phone photo submissions are welcome, however, Professional Quality or High Res photos will receive priority consideration due to portfolio readiness.


* MUST be able to provide Crisp & Clean In-focus semi-pro to professional quality photos from photo shoots by a photographer or your own photography.

      -If photos are taken by a photographer, copyright release is a REQUIREMENT

Note: Models and/or their parents or guardians will be asked to sign a release for all photos submitted to DPK at the time of acceptance.


* DPK owners will contact the models' representative (parents/guardians) with FREE pieces/complete outfits from our boutique to model (also called a Free Booking)

* You or your photographer take as many ADORABLE photos as you wish.  EACH Accessory sent MUST have at LEAST ONE close up. (e.g. Bubblegum Necklace sets,Bows, anklets, purses, headbands, tiaras, gloves, earrings...etc)

* We are flexible on photo return times, however, we ask that models & their representatives keep the return time at 2 weeks.  This is because our pieces sell out rather quickly so a speedy return time on photos ensures that we are able to meet demands AND if return times are speedy, we WILL book your little one more often AND with larger items or MORE outfits in one booking.

* You may return photos via dropbox, picasa, or simply via email to our owners for review (preferred as it is more secure).


While our style of boutique modeling deals in trade (our FREE outfits for your quality photos), there are MANY advantages to Boutique Modeling but the MAIN advantage is to increase your wee one's portfolio and exposure to catapult them to the next phase!  Many of us here at DPK, were once child models and appeared in many commercials, print, and other media ourselves so TRUST us when we say, emphatically, that a STRONG experienced portfolio DEFINITELY helps your wee one in the long run, as they get older and progress.  Who day they may decide to open up their OWN Kid's Clothing boutique and find themselves in our Seat, dressing adorable wee ones of their own to strut &style! :-) 

And the fact is, we are NOT just your average ONE boutique...rather, we house MANY other boutique designers (some of whom you may already be familiar with from other venues or media).  So, in don't just join the DPK Wee One Join our DPK Family!

Did we mention that all modeling representatives (parents & guardians) receive a special login to our discounted merchandise?!

We Thank you for your interest in DPK KiDz and we all look forward to seeing all of your wonderfully CUTE submissions!

Your Excited Model Team

Josh, Jazz, Tiffany, & Kim
Dollipops KiDz Boutique

[email protected]

"Veteran Owned, Mommie Approved"

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