Our Website is Going Through a LIVE Auction!

Posted by on 11/1/2016 to Business News

Have you always DREAMED of starting your own online kids boutique but just don't have the time to create everything from scratch? Did you know that the previous owners of www.dollipopskidz.com are selling their site & aquired site assests?  Did you also know that they are telling all of their secrets as an inclusion to the sale?  From vendors to prices and everything in between!  With over 2k+ wholesale shoppers and almost 1500+ retail shoppers, including interest from major online shopping portals,  don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

Shortly, we will have brand new owners taking charge of our wonderful online kids boutique. Currently, you see our site LIVE with no products listed.  No worries ladies and gents!  This is standard practice while our potential buyers review our operational information behind the scenes.  We anticipate having a permanent buyer by 11/15/2016 or sooner, in which case it will be business as usual and back to shopping!

If you've ever wanted to own your own online kids boutique and earn that extra income you've been dreaming of and you can keep up with our shopping public, contact [email protected] to check on sale availability and current private bid price.

In the meantime, enjoy our final Inventory Sale Off - SOLD

FYI: Did we mention that we have a retail value of $1000.00 of product that accompanies the site sale?  From products to packaging, we've got you covered.


Date 11/1/2016
Janice L Fudge
Date 11/2/2016
Barbara "Bobbie" Lane
My husband and I are VERY INTERESTED!! Sent over my information. PLEASE CONTACT US! We are ready to buy!
Date 11/3/2016
Gina Tolver
Poppies & Lace Publishing LLC - Submitted its bid to Justin C.
Date 11/3/2016
Date 11/5/2016
Kelly Lowry
I want to buy! Please contact me -Kelly

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