STOP! Working for Someone Else

Posted by on 7/25/2016 to The Founder Diaries'
As I sit here remembering all those times a report was due, a graph wasn't quite right, on the job training that had nothing to do with anything "on the job,' I laugh.  I laugh because I keep thinking, "how easy was this move and when will this ride of blissfulness end."  "When will my time, not be my time?"  "When will this dream I've had for years finally fade and I awake?"  

How long can this dream last?

I have to honestly tell you, that since starting this company, I have had what I call more "Free Time" than anyone else in my age range.  I've set aside money for my retirement (and it keeps growing). I've been to Disney with my kids and hubby (no vacation time to haggle over) - more times than we can count.  I've even just slept in a few days (ESPECIALLY during the Summer! OMG!).  I can't tell you the joys of working for myself.  Knowing that how much you make for the day, is up to YOUR motivation and YOUR passion.  But that's the great thing!  Knowing that YOU are your ONLY wall standing in your way.  My loving husband of over 17+ years had to keep repeating "there is NO ceiling...YOU are the only person standing in your way...PUSH HARDER!"

We don't promise that you'll be a billionaire overnight...I mean "who in the WORLD would offer you such an outrageous & unrealistic claim to fame?!  I offer you realism!  Realism that is dependent upon YOUR action!

So tomorrow. as I head to an "impromptu"(impromptu meaning that we planned it in ONE day=last minute!) paradise vaca with my family, I want you to remember that you could see me here!  

Your dream is not unattainable, its just dormant...WAKE IT UP!!! Back-hand Slap it if you have too! And have a moment of clarity!  You CAN work for yourself BUT will you actually WORK for yourself?!  I mean seriously, how many times have you fantasized about telling your boss "Goodbye" before you wake up and realize "dang, this could actually be a possibility."

Our program is NOT for the is for the INSPIRED...Are YOU one of our Inspired?

Until Next Time... 

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