We're Baaack! And we're going to get to the bottomline!

Posted by Josh Smith, Founder on 12/7/2018 to Business News

If you remember us from the golden days, we have known you and interacted with each of you on a personal level to help your businesses grow exponentially.

Because honestly, the more you grow…the more we grow. You are the reason we even exist.

So, with the old staff back in action, joining the new staff currently…we intend on improving and revamping certain past times.

#1: Inventory Control

Why in the world would you order something online just to find out that your purchase is only half-fulfilled or non-fulfilled…and at the last minute…and you have no knowledge of it until you receive your package?!


We intend for our inventory control, as well as our prices, to rival that of other sellers out there on the market. We even have our own team of inventory control specialists who are watching our product line with a hawk’s eye. Because in order to gain your trust…we MUST regain our own. Our staff is currently working diligently as we speak to update our current inventory so it is as accurate as possible...and they will continue to do so from this point on. You deserve to now what is and what is not available for you and your shoppers. We anticipate to have this entire project completed by next week Wednesday (12/12/18), in time for holiday shopping and delivery. You will also see quite a few items within our SALE category up for grabs this week and next week. My suggestion...BE QUICK!


#2: On-Time Shipping

You place your order on a Monday and it doesn’t ship out until Friday?!


Our regular shipping chart WILL be adhered to. It was during our first 3 years of service that we developed a system that worked well within our shipping design for ourselves AND our shoppers due to an increase in orders around certain holidays. And with our old team and our new team working together to not only bring back timely shipping but to teach each other the true meaning of customer loyalty, we have no doubt that we may surprise you by slowly incorporating same day and next day shipping at no additional charge! We will get there. But for now we take our quality control too seriously, as some of you may recall, to jeopardize that by sending you something awful simply for the sake of getting it to you faster. I can’t allow that to happen. But I can promise you that it’s only going to get better from here.

#3: Lack of Customer Service

Why would you deal with that? YOU are spending YOUR hard earned money AND entrusting this company to service your needs. We should, in turn, be humbly thankful that you chose us for such and endeavor instead of being slow to respond or non-existent at all…replying with quick quips…reply with no apologies…replying with only excuses.


These things stop now! We are implementing our customer services policies from long ago when this online boutique first opened. And those policies have one simple message…Our Customers Come First

The End.

#1: Dropshipping

We even brainstormed and came up with a bit of an incentive for our dropshippers. While this idea is still in the works, we want to hear your feedback, as this decision will affect you. We want to give you something that NO OTHER company has given you...


How on earth can you make money when you are competing with your source on a retail level? Who does that?! Well, I'm sure you can think of a few.

So, we want to reduce your prices...to an almost wholesale level. But YOU HAVE TO SELL.

Show us that you can sell $150.00 and we'll give you a discount. If you want to find out more and if this deal is even worth your time, email me personally...yup...I'm taking on this one...via [email protected]
In the Subject Line of your email put "Dropship, I'm Ready!"

There are a lot of improvements that will make their way to the forefront and we intend to tell you about each and every one. Although, some may be a bit subtle...case in point...

1) The website design being brought back to its former glory
2) Some of you speaking with new friendly & ATTENTIVE staff via phone or email most recently (thanks Yasmine for leading the charge!)
3) Shipping charges being corrected (Seriously! That was a horrendous sight. You guys should have contacted us sooner! lol)
4) Social Media will now be active and involved...so check there as well!
5) Clearances and Sales will now be a regular part of the website as it once was in the past.


So yeah...the parents are excited to have their baby, once again, in a loving embrace. And we have no intentions of letting her go ever again. With our old staff and new staff working together, ohhhhh we are going to knock your socks off!


(ok that didn't make any sense...but it was fun as all heck to say lol)


(Great! Now I'm ending blogs like I'm on General Hospital or Falcon Crest...le sigh)

Josh Smith, Founder, Former Owner, Fabulous Mommie (yeah...I said it!)

Email: [email protected]  

Dollipops KiDz  
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Client Services: (903) 231-3241
Customer Service: [email protected]dollipopskidz.com

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