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I just wanted to give you guys a Big Thanks from me and Yuri. You ladies did a TERRIFIC job on her birthday outfit and I was really worried about the shipping even though you guys used DHL, I was still worried. But my order got to me on time and even earlier than I expected. Thank you for referring me to Borderlinx as well. I use them to shop for everything online now. Thank you again for the super fast service and quality garment.

Fatima Morey, Cairo, Egypt

Very grateful you rushed to get my daughter's costume to me on time! My daughter loves the costume and she was able to wear it Saturday! Thank you for all your help in getting it to me! I appreciate it!!


{My Daughter's} dress is absolutely beautiful! We can't wait for her to wow everyone at her upcoming princess birthday party! Thank you so much! :-)


Hi there, just wanted to let you know how much I thank you guys for being able to make my daughters 5th birthday so special! Her dress was amazzzzing, we loved it, she loved it and so did everyone else at the party. Thank you again for taking my "late" order and making the prettiest tutu dress I've ever seen!

Rhonda & London


Thank u so much!!! U guys have been so helpful and quick with getting back with me...I truly appreciate u. Thanks so much:-)

Anonymous, AR

You guys and my first born are trying to break me lol :D But for her its worth it!! I love the fact that you have end end stuff and quality items with low end prices. So when I want to "glam" her up I can for special occasions or when I just want something cutesie, I can do that as well. I also like that when I placed my order, I didn't get some cheap bow that I could have just bought at a beauty supply for cheaper (which really irks me with some places). You gave me a custom bow that was specially made to go with what I ordered. Thank You Miss Josh and thank you to your sister as well. I know I was probably one of your most difficult customers but you sisters tag teamed my order and got it done. Oh and thank you to your designer as well for the shoes. They were so adorable :)

Kesha L. Dayden, TX

Thank you so much, you guys are great!!!

Megan, CO

Good morning I just would like to start by saying thanks for everything. I received my package this morning. My daughter will be so excited and will be wearing her tutu and tennis shoes tomorrow at her party. You have really made me happy. I received my package before Saturday just like you promised I really appreciate it. I know you worked hard to get my order done and shipped to me on such short notice I can't thank you enough. I will definitely do business with Dollipops again I will also refer this company to friends. I will be sure to send you a picture of my daughter with her tutu on.

Anonymous, GA

Wanted to say how stunning the tutu and necklace set, my daughter did not want to take that necklace off she loved it so much! I will highly recommend your boutique to all of my friends! Absolutely beautiful, well-made items that just shined on her!!

Morgan, Awesome Mom

Long Time Fan here!!!! Hey guys, this boutique is GREAT for pageants too! They just showed me a new designer for 2014 and I'm IN LOVE!!! Can you say Overall Grand Supreme?!

Lisa Teagues, Works at Spending the Hubby's Money :)

Yes, I total agree. I too Have found my New Home :) will be ordering a bunch more stuff

Arie Nicholass, Works at Being a Great Mommie

Birthday clothes, fashionable tutus, cute pettiskirts, embroidered stuff, and Bling Chucks...Oh My! lol Just Tiff chiming in on how awesome you guys are.


Hi guys, so excited to write this. So plz excuse the typos. Ok so I just got my package and OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Who do you have designing for you?! This entire outfit is very beautiful. I was stunned. The quality is just tremendous. I dare anyone to find something like I received at your local Walmart or Target! Not gonna happen! My order was something that someone made by hand specifically for my dd and I couldn't be happier. I THANK YOU and Gracie says thank you!

Aviah Bourden

This boutique is like friggin Mary Poppins (Practically Perfect in Every Way) LOL Thanks to Miss Jazz for the time you spent with me to pick out my dd first birthday outfit. You were very nice and very attentive. And just as concerned about pricing as I was. I loved the options. Can't wait to get my custom outfit and handmade petti

Kourtney Deel

I'm so excited to receive my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all of your stuff. And the customer service here is terrific. I've never laughed so hard while giving away my money (lol). That's how you know you've found a home. When they make you feel like spending your money is just as valuable to them as it is to you. I got great deals just by callin. Thanks guys. You are too awesome



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