Who Are We?


"Believing in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit,
while servicing the needs of a flourishing shopping community"

Our humble boutique was founded in 2002 by a retired Army veteran, accounting and programming major, mom of two, wife of over 17+ years, and community motivational darling for those with "entrepreneurial spirit."

A Message From Our Founder...

Dollipops began in 2002 as a simple handmade boutique shop and flourished into a popular custom online boutique in 2010, incorporating handmade designs from the homes of over 30 designing moms.

Today, our online boutique has grown to become one of the most popular shopping channels on the internet today and our products & service have been publicly praised to be one of the consumer's Top choices! We have adjusted our original vision of being completely handmade, yes, and instead chose to focus on helping those embark upon their dreams of owning their own independent resources and helping them discover THEIR own dreams without investing money that only lands them in a deeper hole if something doesn't sell well.

Why even go through this? Why even subject yourself to your payday being dependent upon a coach, upon a guru, upon someone else who doesn't understand your daily life or routine.

Only YOU can determine the outcome of your finances. Either YOU are motivated enough to get out there, chart your destination, and grab your own star OR you are dependent on someone to tell you how far you can reach to obtain it. Your decision.

This is our goal...this is our mission...this is our way...to inspire others to join a movement toward independent destiny!

While providing a low cost and affordable shopping channel for our own shoppers, we also wanted to give those out there with that same entrepreneurial spirit we began with in the early 2000's, a chance to realize their dreams and do something they absolutely enjoyed in the process...diving into the boutique world.

Our goals are centered at being above and beyond in service to our valued retail shoppers and to our awesome program members. 

We Enjoy what we do here!

But we want to spread that same enjoyment. We want you to enjoy what you're doing. We need your passion! We need you to help us grow and expand. And it is in this expansion, we can spread the word...no more costly promises of "achieve your dream" speeches. No more looking at programs that promise you the world with a view from an expensive beach that you have yet to see.

What do we offer that others do not...for starters...we offer Realism..."Attainable Realism."

Our wholesale and discounted dropship programs are highly rated and sought out. We currently house well over 5 thousand sellers worldwide and we are constantly growing by the minute. And no, we will not stop. We will never give up on you, on us, on this dream.

"We inspire you to
join a movement toward independent destiny"

Are you one of our destined? Can you break out of a mold and be noticed? There is no ceiling. There is nothing standing in your way.

(Go For It)

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