We're Baaack! And we're going to get to the bottomline!

Posted by Josh Smith, Founder on 12/7/2018 to Business News 0 Comments

If you remember us from the golden days, we have known you and interacted with each of you on a personal level to help your businesses grow exponentially.

Because honestly, the more you grow…the more we grow. You are the reason we even exist.

So, with the old staff back in action, joining the new staff currently…we intend on improving and revamping certain past times.  So, without further adieu...

Our Website is Going Through a LIVE Auction!

Posted by on 11/1/2016 to Business News 2 Comments
Have you always DREAMED of starting your own online kids boutique but just don't have the time to create everything from scratch? Did you know that the previous owners of www.dollipopskidz.com are selling their site & aquired site assests?  Did you also know that they are telling all of their secrets as an inclusion to the sale?  From vendors to prices and everything in between!  With over 2k+ wholesale shoppers and almost 1500+ retail shoppers, including interest from major online shopping portals,  don't let this opportunity pass you by.  Find Out More [...]

STOP! Working for Someone Else

Posted by on 7/25/2016 to The Founder Diaries' 0 Comments
As I sit here remembering all those times a report was due, a graph wasn't quite right, on the job training that had nothing to do with anything "on the job,' I laugh.  I laugh because I keep thinking, "how easy was this move and when will this ride of blissfulness end."  "When will my time, not be my time?"  "When will this dream I've had for years finally fade and I awake?" [...]

What is Dropshipping? Exactly.

Posted by on 3/6/2016 2 Comments
Wholesale & Dropship Kids Girls Boutique Clothing

So, what really is dropshipping/drop shipping and what is it all about? In this brief write up, I will attempt to alleviate some of those questions and concerns that not only our shoppers experience but also some of those who are just seeking a better understanding of dropshipping as a whole. [...]

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